6 Types of Hair Extensions, According to Hairdressers

We all can agree that hair extensions have come along way over time. The beauty industry has really grown, which makes it sometimes hard and confusing to differentiate between the hair extensions in the marketplace. Choosing hair extensions depends on the span , hair texture, color, what you are going for, fashions, and what your everyday pursuits.

In this bit, you will receive information regarding the hottest and better-quality types of hair extensions. Continue reading to include pops of colour, lowlights, and highlights without including chemicals or dye to your natural hair.

1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are both versatile and can easily be attached in a variety of places and upside down to present your updos, braids, and ponytail additional pop of colour, depth, and length to be noticed. These extensions are also completely undetectable — that the clips are often stitched onto a thin section of silicone or lace material.

But beyond that, clip-in hair extensions are simple to use in addition to remove as every pair of those extensions has person hair wefts, which change in proportion.

2. Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in extensions operate for all types of hair and also very flexible as they are wefts of hair cut into a wish for size and sew in. Therefore, with all these extensions, you don’t have to use glue, heattape or tape anything.

Bear in mind it is essential to let an expert hairdresser apply them in a natural-looking order, which prevents uneasy or unbearable tugging.

3. Tape-in Hair Extensions

Also called a combination or pre-bonded extensions, tape in hair extensions are one-inch pre-taped wefts, that can be taped-in in between the hair. The best thing about these extensions is they are undetectable and impossible to detect.

You need to maintain and re-tape your expansion regularly plus utilize a glue remover to take them out. Regardless of that, you’ll have glue residue that you should wash.

4. Showpony Hair Extensions

Showpony hair extensions are the best to add volume, body, and length to your hair. They’re used by a few celebrities Australia wide and the Melbourne trend festival. Showpony extensions have a selection of colours that are two-toned to create one appear more natural in your hair.

In addition to that, the very best hair extension service in Brisbane such as Epic Hair Designs can provide a pocket-friendly cost for showpony extensions anywhere.

5. Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink hair extensions, also called micro loop or micro bead hair extensions, are strands from the strand procedure — there’s a loop that makes the procedure for installation simple and easy. You may set as many strands as you need — you control the total volume and density of your hairloss.

Micro loop extensions come with rings that are amazing for camouflaging extensions, and with such extensions, so your hair will have a flowy natural motion. In need of a trendy appearance? Well, you can think about adding pops of color, highlights, or lowlights to your locks. Additionally, you can buy hair extensions at another shade from your real hair to make cool styles and effects, which is a superb alternative to dyeing the locks.

6. Flip-in Hair Extensions

Flip-in style human hair extensions are also known as halos or cable extensions. With these extensions, you get a big weft on a loop which places on the crown region, making them easy and simple to use.

You also do not have to worry about tapes, glue, wefts, or clips since there’s only 1 part of hair. The extension is available in almost any length, depth, and much more volume.

We strongly believe that the article was helpful, and you can now get a better sense of what type of expansion is perfect for you. Bear in mind it is crucial to get higher quality human hair extensions that guarantee easy maintenance, good results, and endurance.

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