Every Woman Should Know About Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL Liquid Foundation

The company was established by two sisters that seem dedicated to empowering women of all ages and walks of life. They have a non-profit that supports girls outside of the great products they create.

Unlike other liquid foundations — this base does not aim to cover your normal skin’s undertones, rather, it enhances it, bringing out its natural beauty while subtly covering defects. As an added benefit, the base does not feel heavy once you use it.

Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation is available in 19 distinct colors. For me it didn’t take much product to get the right coverage. I found that just five or four dots of foundation spread over the face should do just fine. At precisely the exact same time, the base is buildable and operates nicely with powders.

It is available in a cute and fashionable black box with white ribbon and the organization’s emblem. Like other foundations, the jar is made with thick glass. If you are into giving make-up as a gift, the foundation can be given on its own, however there are lots of other fantastic products that look great together in a gift basket, together with a broad selection of skincare solutions.

There are a number of things to be conscious of when getting and employing the TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation. Because the make-up is mineral-based, it may not have as large a color selection as a few other renowned brand names. That said, Younique does provide a lot of shade choices, and you will likely find a perfect match for virtually any skin tone. If you don’t, you might find it to be overly oily. Give it a couple of shakes and the ingredients will thoroughly mix, and the foundation will be ready for application.

Locating the ideal base is not easy, and while some brands are arguably greater than many others, there are cases where skin tone skin type, and personal preferences will have a significant bearing on which kind of foundation best fits your needs. After trying Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid base, I had been pleasantly surprised at the policy and lightness of the base. I’d say it compares with higher-end cosmetics, while being mid in price.

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