How to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

You probably you understand the feeling: about 2:30, your lunch rest feels like a distant memory– yet somehow there are still hours before the day ends. You can’t stop yawning, and it feels impossible to concentrate. Your body feels lethargic and heavy as well as your eyes hurt. Your duties abruptly feel insurmountable; everything you want is to creep under your desk and take a nap.

It happens to almost everybody from time to time– but it may largely be prevented with a few simple lifestyle changes.

  • An energetic body begets an energetic mind.

Ever wonder why you don’t feel so tired on the weekends? Besides the simple fact that you probably sleep better and to get longer, it may have to do with your physical action. If your everyday responsibilities ask that you sit down or stand in one spot for long periods of time, it’s likely going to make you feel drowsy — after all, your own body associates stillness with sleep.

Sure, even if your work requires you to sit down at a desk or stand in a counter daily, you can not dismiss that. Nonetheless, you can definitely still sneak in some motion and action if possible– and it will really make a difference in your energy levels. Try swapping your seat out for an exercise ball, using small breaks to have a walk outside, or have a peek at some easy”office yoga” poses. They’ll keep your body and mind active.

  • Hydration is key!

Yes, we all know how important it’s to drink water, but a lot of us relegate it to hot days or after exercising. The reality is that a individual needs to remain all year long, not just during extreme weather or bodily conditions– dehydration can be particularly dangerous and even fatal. Probably, you aren’t that severely dehydrated, but on a standard day, maybe not getting sufficient water will mess up you — it is a frequent offender for exhaustion and irritability.

A solution for this? Drink more water, needless to say. If you do not enjoy the taste of plain water and favor soda or juice, perhaps flavored seltzer will be right for you– it has the same hydrating effects of water however feels like a’cure’ to drink.

  • The food you consume deserves focus.

If lunchtime is the only break from the drudgery of your daily grind, it can be tempting to want to go for something”fun” every day. The problem is, eating a hefty and extravagant meal in the middle of the day will zap one’s energy levels. Sitting down to function and digesting a massive plate of pasta may cause the day slump to strike hard. Otherwise, you may end up heading for a nasty sugar wreck in the middle of your change.

Our proposal? Conserve the heavy meals for after work, or at least special events. Instead, look for foods that are high in protein, fiber, and intricate carbohydrates for your midday meal. They’ll keep your body going in a way that is sustained and healthy– including sugary snacks or carb-heavy meals, which only trigger a full-scale spike.

  • Have a strategy for when the slump hits anyway.

Sometimes, despite our best attempts, the day slump hits anyhow. It happens to the best people. The real key to salvaging your own day? Using a strategy. When an unstoppable assault of the midday fatigue hits, do it and follow those steps:

Have a Rest. It does not have to be long. It may be a trip to the toilet if you can’t go far. But, temporarily eliminating yourself from the environment that is putting you to sleep will help.

  • Can a physical activity.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a marathon. It can be something are simple are shaking your arms out and thighs and providing your shoulders a fantastic wiggle. Just try to maneuver a little, and get your blood flowing.

  • Require an energy shooter.

Energy shots can be obtained in moments, and operate almost instantly–quite convenient for these sorts of scenarios, where you have to snap from your tiredness ASAP.

As your energy drink begins to work its magic, give yourself one extra boost and throw a bit of cold water onto your face. If you’ve got enough time, a breather outside will be refreshing and beneficial.

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