How to Hide A Double Chin Using Makeup!

Dual Chin Mayhem

Among the most important difficulties to befall the womenfolk of the world is the double chin! We get it, girls. No matter what you do, it just doesn’t appear to go away! It keeps getting bigger and escalates to levels of triple and double (gasp!) . It brings down your self-esteem and makes you feel miserable. Although it’s definitely important to appreciate yourself for who you are and embrace you in all of your beauty, there is nothing wrong in looking great so that you may feel great! Own your own body and consciously make adjustments so that you adore the way you look. There are lots of natural ways to conceal a double chin at bay and look perfect. Proceed through our guide to eliminating this pesky double chin and rule the streets!

What Makes a Double Chin?

It is important to comprehend the cause of the pesky piece of tissue that has become the bane of our existence.

  • Ageing: That is a natural part of evolution. As you get older, the skin and muscles around the chin and neck lose elasticity, making them develop a double chin.
  • Genetics: You might be genetically inclined to develop a double chin because your genes might dictate that excess fat and water be stored in skin tissue under the chin.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Your posture and lifestyle are extremely important when it comes to determining the form and size of your body. People who tend to bend down while looking at their telephone or a publication are more likely to develop a double chin because it impacts the malleable tissue under the chin. In the same way, people who don’t spend time for exercise are more likely to acquire double chins.
  • Diet: You are what you consume. If you indulge in junk food that’s rich in carbohydrates and fatty acids, you are certain to get deposits of fat under your chin, also at the face as well. Keep away from carbohydrates, women!
  • Obesity: This is a medical reason which manifests on your face. Medical obesity is a serious illness that needs to be cured with conscious medication and lifestyle options.

How To Hide a Double Chin

We’ve listed both natural and artificial means to hide a double chin. Find out the best method for you!

1. Contouring

Beauty experts and makeup artists swear by the procedure for contouring and face baking to conceal a double chin flawlessly. Follow the steps below and see the difference for yourself!

  • The first thing to do would be to clean and clean your face so the makeup stays put and doesn’t wash off immediately.
  • When you use foundation, use a color darker than your skin tone on your neck so you can play with light and shadows.
  • Do not overdo this colour as it might seem as a beard on your chin and neck. Instead, combine in successively darker shades of base from your chin to your throat.
  • Maintain the cosmetics as dry as you can, by employing powder on the liquid base so that it seems natural.
  • Play around with the illusion of light and shadow on your makeup.
  • Define your jawline using a contouring brush and dark shades, with lighter highlights.
  • All areas under the jawline must be darker, whereas areas over the jawline must be lighter and more sculpted.
  • Use a bronzer rather than blush to add sheen and shape to a cheekbones.
  • For light skin, use an increased tinted bronzer, and for darker skin, use a gold tinted bronzer.
  • Use a bronzer in your nose and chin to highlight the features.
  • Ensure that there are no lines visible in your neck or chin.
  • Blend in most visible lines using a thick brush so that the appearance is organic.
  • Utilize face powder or a highlighter to highlight your cheekbones and forehead, drawing more attention to it than your neck.
  • Contour the side of the chin as well, drawing on the jawline from one side to the other.

2. Eye Makeup

Draw maximum attention to your eyes that your double chin is not very obvious. The best way forward with this would be to create your eyes look dramatic and daring.

  • Make your eyebrows seem prominent and extended by filling them in and maintaining them proportional.
  • Your eyebrows must make an elegant arch above your eyes. Be sure you have the ideal eyebrow shape for your face.
  • Experiment with stunning shades of eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.
  • Dark shades like maroon, azure and black are certainly in!
  • Once you’re done with winged liner and eyeshadow, pop on fake lashes for extra density.
  • Finish off the look with a few dark black hairs as the last touch for flawless, dramatic eyes.

3. Lip Makeup

You have to draw focus away from your lips to be certain your chin goes unnoticed. Avoid dark, show-stopping colors on your lips. Stick to neutral shades like nude, coral and blush to stay minimal strain in your lips.

Go for shades that match your skin tone, and use a lip liner to emphasize the shape of your lips too to conceal a double chin. You might also use clear shades of gloss to add some glow to your fairly pouts. If all fails, then go for matte lipstick shades as they seem minimal and perfect.

4. Hairstyle

Your hair may drastically alter your physical appearance. To conceal a double chin, your hair can be your saving grace.

If you have short hair, steer clear of curls which collect around your chin. Crop it super short, or keep a bob that ends over your chin. This gives the illusion of a longer skin.

If you have moderate or long hair, keep it tucked into a top pony to make your face appear tighter. Updos are your homies here, to make your face appear more proportional and to conceal a double chin. You can even let your hair flow ahead, as this also makes your neck look longer and hides double chins.

5. Clothes

The clothes you wear can alter the size and contour of the body. If you are top heavy, then invest in clothes that draw attention to the base part of the body and vice versa. If you’re keen to prevent a double chin, steer clear of close necked clothes.

Keep your wardrobe piled with V-necked blouses, scoop necked clothing and heavy necked outfits to show off your collarbone and make your neck look longer. A longer neck usually means your double chin can be concealed. This outfit pattern makes you appear more balanced too, around the shoulder area. Check our guide to sporting clothes for your body shape.

6. Posture

As discussed before, incorrect posture can be a reason for awkward double chins. Your posture says a good deal about the way you are as a person. Incorrect posture can convey a sense of insecurity and reduced confidence and have physical repercussions as well.

Whilst looking at your telephone, reading a novel or a newspaper, make sure that your head is straight and not bent. The same rule applies while looking at your computer or laptop as well.

Both while standing and sitting, keep your spine straight, and pay particular attention to your neck. Your back and neck must be aligned in a single straight line.

Whilst operating a laptop or computer, your arms need to be at right angles at the elbow, using the track at eye level. This is so you don’t need to bend your head so as to check out the monitor.

The whole body’s posture needs to be perfect in order for your head doesn’t bend or influence while carrying out day to day actions. Consciously remind yourself to focus on your posture and body language so that you create this as a custom and follow it as routine.

7. Exercise

There are numerous exercises you can try out to maintain your double chin at bay. All these double chin exercises can be performed everywhere — at home, college or the workplace. They just take minutes to do, and the results are clear. Try them out now!

8. Diet

Stay away from any foods that might let you bloat. This includes glutenfree, fried food, and baked goods. Listed below are a Couple of diet changes that you can make to hide a double chin:

Keep away from saturated fatty acids.

Make fruit and lean beef part of your diet plan.

Eat fruit and sprouts daily to reduce the total quantity of fat within the body.

Don’t eat red meats or indulge in alcohol, caffeine or tobacco as they cause the face to bloat and make your chin seem larger and more notable.

Drink eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. This removes dark circles and under-eye bags, which also makes your face look fresh and young.

9. Medical Treatment

You’re able to undergo surgery to remove your hands, using skin tightening means and plastic surgery. It is encouraged to seek proper medical guidance before attempting any of these means. Consult with a registered medical practitioner before you purchase those treatments.

Self-love is the best love, ladies. The one thing you may love with no inhibitions is yourself. Adopt these hints today to look and feel incredible! Did these tips work? Tell us in the comments section below!

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are due to research by the writer and the author alone. The author won’t cause any damage caused. Consult with a physician prior to taking any measures, and examine your problems, if any, into a health care professional. This article doesn’t aim to hurt the sentiments of any person. This article could be subject to change without previous notice.

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